IAGTO member Mrs. Eva-Maria Kinzel of KinzelReisen Prestige Golf in Germany has responded with enthusiasm to a request from the Thailand and Vietnam Tourism Boards to help promote both countries as golf destinations. Kinzelreisen exhibited at the CMT Travel Market held January 20 – 23, 2011 in Stuttgart.
Eva-Maria Kinzel who was an IAGTO participant on the Golfasian Vietnam FAM trip in 2010 and travelled her own with Golfasian to Thailand has already sent several clients to Thailand and Vietnam as a result of her visits. When she was approached by Golfasian and Thailand Tourism to help them promote this country as a golf destination at the CMT Travel Market she immediately agreed. Furthermore, Eva-Maria developed and organized a competition where visitors to the stand had the opportunity to win a fabulous Thailand golf tour through Thailand for free. This tour was sponsored by Mark Siegel from Golfasian.
Kinzelreisen produced flyers and a luxury brochure with round trips to the best golf destinations in Asia and it was a great success. After the show bookings to Vietnam and Thailand grew substantially. Moreover, in February 2012 Kinzelreisen will host their first escorted group golf tour to Vietnam
Kinzelreisen is proud to promote such great golf destinations like Vietnam and Thailand; with the excellent golf resorts, luxury hotels, amazing golf courses, great culture and friendly people.
Our thanks go to Golfasian Mark Siegel, Thuy Trang, Pascal Orczech and Khun Yim for their great program, good work and excellent service for clients. Also, special mention goes to Thailand Tourism and Vietnam Airlines. The local knowledge and ideas of all involved provide excellent and invaluable support for our clients.

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